A List Of Things To Be Happy About Right Now

1. Your heath.

2. The moon.

3. Lazy Sunday mornings.

4. Your friendships.

5. Coffee.

6. Your favorite song coming on the radio.

7. Your freedom.

8. Sleeping in.

9. Good hair days.

10. The sun.

11. The smell of fresh rain.

12. Remembering a dream.

13. Falling asleep to the sound of rain.

14. Sleeping with the windows open.

15. Warm weather.

16. Fresh flowers.

17. Disney movies.

18. Your bed.

19. Freshly cleaned bed sheets.

20. Fresh flowers.

21. A hot shower on a cold day.

22. A cold shower on a hot day.

23. The feeling you get after a workout.

24. The smell of a bookstore.

25. Payday.
26. Waking up to sunshine on your face.

27. The ocean waves.

28. Making new friends.

29. Your favorite Netflix series.

30. Girls night.

31. Wine.

32. Chocolate.

33. Pizza.

34. Getting a random package in the mail.

35. Fitting into an old pair of jeans.

36. Reaching a goal.

37. Mastering a new skill.

38. Finding a new hobby.

39. The smell of fresh paint.

40. The sound of the ocean waves crashing.

41. Beach days.

42. Vacations.

43. Your boyfriend remembering your favorite snacks at the gas station.

44. A full tank of gas.

45. Driving with the windows down.

46. Heart-to-hearts with your bestie.

47. Getting wine drunk.

47. Poetry.

48. Good books.

49. Cute coffee shops.

50. Self-care days.

51. The window seat.

52.Proving someone wrong.

53. Proving yourself wrong.

54. Snow days.

55. Being comfortabke in your skin.

56. New clothes.

57. Conquering a fear.

58. Bath bombs.

59. A long shower after a hot beach day.

60. Pedicures.

61. Freshly waxed eyebrows.

62. Learning something new.

63. Candles.

64. New beginnings.

65.The fact that you can start again tomorrow.

66. Eating healthy.

67. Cozy slippers.

68. New shoes.

69. Finding money in a jacket pocket.

70. Falling in love with someone.

71. Falling in love with yourself.

72. A cup of coffee in the morning.

73. Promotions.

74. Tea and your favorite Pandora station.

75. Getting a massage.

76. Leaving the windows open all day.

77. New school supplies.

78. Getting good grades.

79. Saving money.

80. Movie marathons.

81. Traveling new places.

82. October.

83. Good music.

84. Chipotle.

85. When an old friend texts you to see how you are.

86. Putting on lotion after a shower.

87. Room service.

88. Face masks.

89. Freshly shaved legs.

90. Getting rid of toxic people.

91. Painting you nails a bright color.

92. Spring.

93. Taking your bra off after a long day.

94. New makeup.

95. Cooking with the windows open.

96. Feeling comfortable with someone.

97. Petting a cute dog.

98. A long nap on a rainy day.

99. Buy-one-get-one sales.

100. The trees after a snow storm.

101. Receiving a letter in the mail.

102. Planning a trip.

103. Hotel bed sheets.

104. Hot tubs.

105. The feeling you get on Christmas morning.

106. Giving gifts to people you love.

107. Making someone else happy.

108. Laughter.

109. A good cry.

110. Looking out the window while riding the train.

111. Visiting a new city.

112. Solo adventure.

113. Your favorite t-shirt.

114. Your grandmas house.

115. Relatable memes.

116. Sleeping in your own bed.

117. Lazy Sundays.

118. Not having a hangover.

119. Free WiFi

120. Fresh fruit.

121. When you order a coffee and it’s just right.

122. Long car rides with no destination.

123. Your favorite pair of jeans.

124. Your favorite pen.

125. Cute puppy videos.

126. A sip of wine at the end of a long day.

127. Making lists.

128. Tanned skin.

129. Summer bonfire nights.

130. A sweatshirt and shorts on a warm July night.

131. Finding a good sale.

132. The farmer’s market.

133. Standing up for yourself.

134. Being lazy all day in bed.

135. Getting over someone you never thught you would.

136. Family traditions.

137. Surprises.

138. Neck kisses.

139. The sound of a river flowing.

140. The wind blowing through your hair in the car.

141. Song lyrics that totally get you.

142. Feeling accomplished by 9:30

143. Laughing until you cry.

144. Burts bees chapcstick.

145. That second cup of coffee

146. Realizing you have hours left to sleep.

147. Having deep conversations.

148. Smiles from a stranger.

149. When someone holds the door open for you.

150. Compliments.

151. Checking things off your to-do list.

152. Handwritten letters.

153. Snuggling up to a fireplace during winter.

154. Nutella.

155. Unplanned adventures.

156. Days off.

157. Ice cream.

158. Waking up without an alarm.

159. Eating breakfast for dinner.

160. Two dollar bills.

161. Deep fried everything.

162. The feeling you get on a first date.

163. Long, slow kisses .

164. Fast WiFi.

165. The fresh start of a Monday.

166. Having a party.

167. The smell of freshly cut grass.

168. Looking in the fridge after going grocery shopping.

169. Finding coupons.

170. Desert first.

171. Finding a penny heads-up.

172. People who make you forget to check your phone.

173. Your moms home cooked meals.

174. Hugs.

175. Clothes right out of the dryer.

176. Fuzzy socks.

177. Watching the  sunrise.

178. Mimosas.

179. Birds chirping.

180. Warm cookies.

181. Cuddling with your dog.

182. Forehead kisses.

183. Date nights.

184. The first snow of winter.

185. Babies.

186. Clapping when the plane lands.

187. When the clocks fall back.

188. Finding something you thought you lost.

189. Leaves changing colors during Autumn.

190. Freeze pops.

191. Meteor showers.

192. Listening to throwbacks.

193. Going through old photos.

194. Red lipstick.

195. Taking your makeup off.

196. Feeling confident.

197. Your favorite dress.

198. Heated pools.

199. Late night walks on the beach.

200. Skinny dipping.

201. A blue sky.

202. The way your house smells after baking.

203. Cake.

204. Oversized sweatshirts.

205. Sweatpants.

206. Dance parties.

207. The thrill of new love.

208. The sound of children laughing.

209. When your selfie comes out perfect first try.

210. Concerts.

211. Not wearing makeup.

212. Exfoliating your skin.

213. LUSH bath bombs.

214. Epic sunsets.

215. Sun showers.

216. The sound of an ice cream truck.

217. Rainbows after a rain shower.

218. Landing a new job.

219. The feeling you get when somebody smiles at you.

220. The sound of leaves rustling under your feet.

221. The smell of freshly baked bread.

222. Warm clothing in cold weather.

223. Cool clothing in warm weather.

224. Sunflowers.

225. A dozen roses.

226. Being healthy enough to travel.

227. Gelato.

228. Colorful flowers.

229. Puppy kisses.

230. Making memories.

231. Birthdays

232. The old side of the pillow.

233. Answering a question correctly.

234. Mint chocolate chip ice cream.

235. New notebooks.

236. When you match without trying.

237. Wearing the same socks.

238. Happy hour.

239. Pancakes for dinner.

240. When there’s no line for the drive-thru.

241. Belly laughs

242. Coming home after a trip.

243. The first dip in the pool.

244. Breakfast in bed.

245. Pillow fights.

246. Holding hands.

247. Kissing in the rain.

248. Eskimo kisses.

249. Fresh popped popcorn.

250. An empty email inbox.

251. Finding a four leaf clover.

252. Playing footsies.

253. Christmas lights.

254. Wearing your boyfriends t-shirt to bed.

255. A fresh manicure.

256. Watching dogs play together.

257. Drunken karaoke.

258. Homemade pie.

259. Swimming at night.

260. A thunderstorm after a hot sunny day.

261. Unexpected kisses.

262. Peepers on a summer night.

263. Getting an extra hour of sleep.

264.Getting off work while it’s still light outside.

265. Freeze pops.

266. Peeling an orange in one peel.

267. Knowing all the words to a song on the radio.

268. Popping bubble wrap.

269. 100% charge on your phone.

270. The first beach day of the season.

271. Cooking on the grille.

272. When you see your food coming at a restaurant.

273. Camping trips.

274. The perfect beer pour.

275. Raindrops on roses.

276. Butterflies from a new crush.

277. When someone just gets you.

278. Winning on a scratch ticket.

279. Sand between your toes

280. Candid photos.

281. Walking barefoot through nature.

282. Double rainbows.

283.The smell of a new car.

284. The smell of clean cotton straight from the dryer.

285. Guacamole.

286. Wrapping yourself in a warm towel after a shower.

287. Being too excited for the next day to sleep.

288. Sweet iced tea.

289. An even tan.

290. S’mores.

291. Smelling a perfume that you love.

292. Getting the parking spot right beside the entrance.

293. Sleeping naked.

294. A sandwich your mom made.

295. Singing under the shower

296. Listening to music you haven’t heard in a long time

297. When the gym is empty

298. Freshly sharpened crayons.

299. Coloring books.

300. Stopping the gas pump on an even number without trying.

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