15 Important Lessons I Wish I Could Teach My Teenage Self

1. If you don’t go out tonight you aren’t missing out on anything. I promise.
2. If it doesn’t work out with him in end, don’t put your life on hold over it. It’s never, ever worth the heartache.
3. The drama never really ends, but the way you handle it does. It won’t matter who’s dating who, who said what about who.  It just won’t be important to you anymore.
4. Quit worrying about being different, because there’s nothing wrong with it. If we were all the same, life would get pretty boring. Embrace being different. Embrace who you are. Being different is cool.
5. It may not be easy to speak out in a crowd and stand up for what’s important to you, but you will realize how empowering it can be. Standing up for what you believe in gives you a voice in this world. Use that voice. You’ve been given it for a reason.
6. Boys are useless. Wait until they are men. You may be waiting forever, though.
7. Sometimes terrible things happen. And although we will never fully understand as to why this happens, have faith in the idea that everything does happen for a reason. Even though most of the time that reason isn’t clear quite yet.
8. Listen to what your body is telling you. When it needs something, nurture it with just that. Nothing and no one is worth sacrificing your health over.
9. Make choices based on what you want, not what somebody else wants. Don’t allow the opinions of others persuade your ability to make decisions for yourself. Don’t let anyone else’s perception influence your decisions. Be you. And do so unapologetically.
10. Curiosity is the key to never being bored; or the key to never being complacent. Be curious. Let your mind wander to faraway places. Stay curious.
11. Pay attention to your surroundings. Listen with the intent to understand. Listen with purpose. You’ll always learn more from listening than you will from talking.
12. The only person you are responsible for is yourself. Quit justifying and excusing other people’s bad behavior. Let their actions speak measures. Stop letting sh*tty people do sh*tty things and get away with it.
13. Take time to count your blessing each and every day. Don’t take people for granted. Don’t let a moment pass you by without recognizing it. Gratitude is the best medicine.
14. Doubt will hold you back far more than another person ever will. Stop worrying if you’re good enough. Because you are. You are good enough for anything and everything you want in life. Who cares if you fit a standard that’s been set by the rest of the world. Nobody.
15. Holding grudges will eventually eat you alive. Most of the time that inability to forgive someone is really just an indication you struggle to forgive yourself. Forgiveness is a gift that keeps on giving.