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15 Tips For Solo Travelers

1. Pack light

Only pack the necessities. If you’re traveling for a few days, don’t bring a weeks worth of clothes and shoes. You want to to pack as light as possible. You’re going to save money and be more mobile if you pack light. Ditch the high heels or hiking boots if that means a little less weight in your suitcase. Be sure to carry all important documents with you at all times. It’s always a good idea to have multiple forms of I.D. handy. Examples would be a drivers license, passport, identification card, birth certificate, credit or debit card, military I.D., etc.

2. Budget

Make a budget for yourself before hitting the road. Stick to that budget, but bring along extra funds in case of an emergency event. Pick a budget before leaving and make it a goal to stick with it. Hold yourself accountable for every purchase you make and how much money you spend in total. Make sure to save up enough money prior to your trip. Set aside a travel fund and don’t touch the money until you leave for your trip. Give yourself 6 months or more to save up enough money so that you can prioritize your funds when on the road. Don’t spend money on foolish things you don’t need or aren’t an absolute necessity. 

3. Smile at strangers

Be friendly! While visiting a new city or town you want to smile and look like you’re excited to be there. Smiling means you are happy, friendly, approachable, kind. A smile can also initiate a conversation with a stranger and you may get to learn a thing or two.

4. Travelers insurance

Getting traveler insurance is always a smart idea when you travel often. If you don’t buy travel insurance, you will be held  responsible for anything that goes wrong. With the purchase of traveler insurance, you can claim many expenses back, which can be a lifesaver when traveling.

5. Adapt to your environment

Adapting to a new area can be a challenge, especially when you’re only visiting for a short period of time. Adapt as much as possible so that you feel at home and comfortable during your stay. Try to blend in with the crowd. Radiate confidence and walk purposefully so you don’t look like an easy target. You want people to think you are from the area, to avoid any issues or unwanted interactions. 

6. Bring books

When booking a place to stay, many websites offer a “work trip” option which usually indicates you will be traveling solo. Bring a laptop or book when you’re out in public. Reading is a great activity to do while traveling solo not only on your flight, but throughout your day. Bring plenty of reading materials. If you start to feel uneasy sitting alone in a public place, you can open up a book, take out your phone, or read a magazine to take your mind off of it.

7. Ask the locals

Nothing beats asking a local for their food recommendations. They will point you to the best spots in town. They will know where to go and where not to go, and save yourself the trouble of an unpleasant experience. The locals in the area will know the very best places to see when visiting the area. Ask where they’d recommend eating, sightseeing, exploring, and anything that’s not to be missed!

8. Plan ahead

Be sure to plan ahead. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the areas local transportation and know how you’ll be getting around during your stay. Plan a ride from the airport to your accommodations that is reasonably priced. Taxis can ring up a large, unwanted bill! Take local transit if walking is out of the question.

9. Be safe

Bring a form of self protection in case of the unlikely event that you are in harm or feel that your safety is at risk. If you feel unsafe, seek the support of strangers – people of your choice. Look for a family or a couple to ask for assistance or fill them in on your current situation.

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