7 Subtle Signs Someone Is Your Person

1. You want to tell them every thing that happens to you.

If you get a raise at work, or hear a hilarious joke, or have a huge fight with your best friend – none of it really happened until you can tell your person about it. They’re the first person you think of to call when something good or bad happens to you.


2. You don’t care what you look like around them.

They’ve seen you looking your very best and very worst, and love you just the same for both looks. You’re completely comfortable with them. Wearing the same baggy, over-sized, stained t-shirt for four days in a row does not bother this person whatsoever.


3. They accept you as you are.

Your person will never judge you for the things you’ve done or been through in the past. They see you for who you are, and accept every inch of you.


4. They support you.

Your person will alway support your dreams, no matter how wild and crazy they are. They believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself. They’ll have your back 100% of the time, no questions asked.


5. They are both your best friend and life partner.

This person is not only your partner, but your very best friend. You can’t help but smile ear to ear when you’re together and you always have so much fun in their company.


6. You’ve learned to fight fair.

Having a small argument or disagreement certainly isn’t foreign to the both of you, but you’ve learned how to fight fair. You’ve learned how to communicate with this person so well that you’re able to resolve just about anything. You respect one another enough to never resort to caddy name-calling or insulting the other in the heat of the moment.


7. You just know.

When you find your person, you just know it. Maybe not from the moment you lock eyes with one another, but eventually – you just know. 

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