7 US Waterfalls To Add To Your Bucket List

1. Havasu Falls

Known as being one of the most beautiful waterfalls and swimming hole in the world, Havasu Falls is only many travelers top priority of their bucket lists, and for good reason. Traveling to this area requires permits and reservations that take months, even years to get, as well as a grueling 10-mile hike (each way). Combined with Mooney Falls, these waterfalls offer the very best experience there is out there.

2. Vernal Falls

Known as being of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the country, Vernal Falls is an incredible sight to see. Many experienced hikers will make the trek on a challenging hike trip to Half Dome by taking the Mist Trail from the Happy Isles trailhead.

3. Mcway Falls

Although these falls are less impactful and have a slower, weaker water flow, they are located in one of the most beautiful coastal settings in the world.

4. Rainbow Falls

This beautiful waterfall is located on the east side of the Sierras. The plunge is 101ft, and is incredibly beautiful. There are plenty of other hikes in the nearby area to make a day out of it.

5. Akaka Falls

The falls are located on Big Island, and might just be one of Hawaii’s tallest and best waterfalls overall. The falls are located within¬†Akaka Falls State Park and are accessible by a short, easy walk.

6. Noccalula Falls

Located within Noccalula State Park, this is likely to be Alabama’s #1 most visited waterfall. The 95-foot plunge in an open body of water is a incredible sight to see.

7. Bash Bish Falls

Undoubtedly the most beautiful waterfall in the entire state of Massachusetts, Bash Bish Falls lies on the border of MA and NY and is a well-known tourist attraction during the summer months. The 80-foot drop splits into two sections by a large boulder. The falls can be accessed from two trailheads in both New York and Massachusetts.