60 Truths About A Scorpio

1. Traveling is always on Scorpio mind.


2. Scorpio are easy going people.


3. Scorpio get along with just about everybody.


4. Scorpio like to do things their own way.


5. Scorpio have a beautiful mind.


6. Scorpio can be overly protective of those they love.


7. Scorpio are subtle, complex and never obvious.


8. Scorpio pay close attention to details.


9. Scorpio never let anyone play on their emotions.


10. Scorpio lose interest quickly.


11. Scorpios are extremely sarcastic.


12. Scorpio are very picky about who you let into your inner circle.


13. The ruler of Scorpio is Pluto.


14. Scorpio obsess over the small stuff.


15. Scorpio have an addictive personality.


16. Scorpio vibe romantically with Taurus and Capricorn.


17. Scorpio have a habit of getting lost in their thoughts.


18. Scorpio make great life-long friends.


19. Scorpio have a keen ability to read people’s needs.


20. Scorpio hide their emotions with humor.


21. Scorpio get things done.


22. Scorpio have a strong need to control their environment.


23. You cannot tell Scorpio who not to do.


24. Scorpio won’t take no for an answer.


25. Scorpio is probably the most jealous sign in the zodiac.


26. Pluto and Mars are the ruling planets for Scorpio.


27. Scorpios lucky colors are scarlet, red, and rust.


28. Scorpios lucky numbers are 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, and 90.


29. Scorpios lucky day of the week is Tuesday.


30. Scorpio live a balanced life.


31. Scorpio are assertive.


32. Scorpios lucky stone is Bloodstone.


33. Scorpio are most compatible romantically with Taurus, Cancer, and Libra.


34. Scorpio tend to have a high sex drive.


35. If a Scorpio has to lie about something, they will avoid telling you altogether.


36. Scorpio only surround themselves with likeminded people.


37. Scorpio get annoyed very quickly with people who lack common sense.


38. Scorpio first love is unforgettable for them.


39. Scorpio are reliable.


40. Scorpio is the most sensual sign of the zodiac.


41. Scorpio will always keep your secrets safe.


42. Honesty and fairness are the two qualities that make Scorpio a great friend.


43. Scorpio make great leaders.


44. Scorpio will research until they find out the truth.


45. Scorpio excel at saving money.


46. People look up to a Scorpio as a role model.


47. Scorpio do not trust easily.


48. Scorpios are known to have a hypnotic personality.


49. The Scorpios have the ability to differentiate themselves from others.


50. The Scorpio is considered to be the most powerful among all the members of the zodiac.


51. Scorpio are outspoken individuals.


52. The opposite sign of a Scorpio is Taurus.


53. Scorpio have a great ability to focus on what they’re doing.


54. Scorpio are most comfortable with family or a small group of friends.


55. Scorpio rarely asks others for help.


56. Scorpio tend to be overly critical of others at times.


57. Scorpio cannot stand pointless drama and gossip.


58. Scorpio distances themselves from drama.


59. The Scorpio sign is the eighth in the list of the zodiac signs.


60. Scorpio are possessive.

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