15 Glamping Trailers To Rent On Hipcamp

1. West Wind (California)

Photo credit: Jenny M.

2. Meadow Momma (Idaho)

Photo credit: Leah, Tony + Matt F.

3. Forest Falls (California)

Photo credit: Natasha S.

6. Rainbow Garden (California)

Photo credit: Julian B.

7. Cozy Gnome Home (California)

Photo credit: Nikki N.

8. DE/TOUR (California)

Photo credit: May I.

10. Vintage Trailer (Florida)

Photo credit: Kassidy P.

11. The Cupola (New York)

12. Under The Stars (California)

Photo credit: Nikki N.

13. Enchanted Grove (Washington)

Photo credit: Dionna A.

14. Mountain Farm (New Mexico)

15. Ellewood Estate (Washington)

Photo credit: Dionna A.

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