1. Blue Ridge Parkway – NC to TN
This 469 miles stretch, Blue Ridge Parkway is the drive that connects two national parks – Shenandoah in Virginia to the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina and is the most visited road that is operated by the U.S. National Parks System. Start at Front Royal in Virginia and drive along Skyline Drive into North Carolina and Asheville before entering the infamous Great Smoky Mountains.

2. Pacific Coast Highway – CA
Take the 130 mile journey for some of CA’s most incredible views. While California’s Route 1 runs through most of the state, and features the beautiful scenery of Big Sur, winding through remarkable seaside cliffs. The drive will bring you through wine country of Paso Robles and the town of Carmel. The majestic mountains and encompassing ocean views are endless along this thin strip of asphalt. 

3. Olympic Peninsula Loop – WA
This 300 mile drive will bring you around Olympic National Park, one of the most incredible national parks in the entire country, and has a great variety of sights and terrain throughout its entirety. You will pass by the beautiful waters of the Hood Canal, through the lush green forests and snow capped peaks, and along the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

4. Richardson’s Highway – AK
On route from Fairbanks all the way to Valdez, Alaska, take the 360 mile trek and you’ll get to check out the Keystone Canyon, Worthing Glacier, Gulkana Glacier, the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, and so many more beautiful places the state has to offer.
5. Loneliest Highway – CA to NV
Highway 50 has been named the loneliest highway in the United States by Life magazine in 1986. It runs 408 miles across the entire middle of the state from Lake Tahoe in the West all the way to the Utah border. The drive is remote and isolated, with incredible views for miles. The road will cross over 17 mountain passes, reaching elevations of over 7,000 feet, with hairpin turns and steep grades. This is an incredible drive to explore through a remote and wild part of the country.
6. All American Road – UT
The 123 mile Scenic Byway 12 begins in Panguitch and travels east, making it way through many national parks, forests, and other beautiful sights on the journey. Some people make a day trip out of it, or you can make a long weekend road trip for the 123 mile trek.

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