50 Facts About The Virgo In Your Life You Probably Didn’t Know

1. Their ruling planet is Mercury.
2. Likes: healthy food, organizing, cleanliness, name brand clothing, animals, and beauty.
3. Dislikes: Chaos, not being in control, losing, carelessness, messiness, and people who are lazy.
They are very headstrong.
They tell it like it is.
They hate lazy people and won’t tolerate them.
They love things to be clean and tidy, including their home and work space.
They cannot stand chaos or unruliness.
They tend to live by a strict schedule and set of rules.
Their lucky numbers are 2, 5, and 7.
They are perfectionists to a fault.
They hate being wrong.
They always have to have the last word.
They are most compatible with Capricorn and Taurus.
Their lucky day of the week is Wednesday.
Their lucky colors are orange, white, yellow, and grey.
They make trustworthy, loyal friends and will never turn their back to you.
They are excellent with managing their money.
They are hard workers.
They are great at giving other people advice.
They are quiet about their sex life and tend to keep things on the DL.
They will be the last to brag over something.
They are extremely down-to-earth and humble.
They make excellent life partners due to their loyal nature.
They enjoy learning new things.
They will be the first to help out a friend in need.
They are best known for being sly and clever.

They are givers.

They do not expect much, but will still pour everything they’ve got into other people due to their giving nature.
They are book smart.
Dating a Virgo will be the best relationship of your life.
They are goofy, lighthearted, and fun to be around.
They are shy until you get to know them deeper than the surface.
They are extremely protective of their family and friends.
They will never hold a grudge.
They are able to make peace with their past.
They are not interested in one night stands or quick flings. They crave long term commitment.
They love music.
They will stick up for what they believe is right.
They have many hobbies and passions.
They have big hearts.
If you cross a Virgo in the wrong way, watch out. They can hold their own.
They are total home bodies.
They enjoy spending time alone.
Virgo are naturally honest and blunt, and aren’t; ashamed of it whatsoever.
They speak the truth and whatever on their mind at the moment.
They will never burn their bridges.
They are always down for a good old debate.
When they are in a bad mood, it is nearly impossible for them to snap out of it.
They love when people agree with their ideas and thoughts.