15 Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Cancer

1. They are wildly romantic

Cancers are the true definition of a hopeless romantic. They are searching for their happily ever after, and when they fall, they fall hard. Simply put – they love, love. They want fireworks and butterflies They want it all, and then some. They don’t want a half-ass love, and they won’t put up with anyone who wants a part time romance. They are searching for their soulmate and life long companion, and they intend to find just that.

2. They crave trust

When you break a Cancer’s trust, it’s unlikely to ever gain that trust back again. They are loyal and they expect that same devotion in return. They won’t tolerate liars, cheaters, or manipulators. They won’t stick around long enough for you to break their heart. They will give their trust freely at first. Once the trust is damaged, their feelings towards you will immediacy shift and they likely won’t be able to stay in a relationship with you that is healthy ever again.

3. They are emotional

Dating a Cancer is a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows, ups and downs, and a whole lot of emotion. They have no problem expressing their emotions and pouring their heart and soul into every single thing they do in life. Be ready for the passion, the madness, the intensity – because Cancer is all three of those intensified. They are tender-hearted and wear their emotions on their sleeves, and they aren’t afraid to admit that.  If they feel betrayed in any way, they shut down. They will shut you out and never look back. You must be patient and understanding when dating a Cancer, due to their overly emotional state of being.

4. They are affectionate

Cancer enjoys expressing love and affection for their partner. They are  very touchy, feely, and will say exactly how they’re feeling in any given moment. They can be easily offended when their affection is denied or unwanted. They want their partner to want them just as badly as they want them, and they want it to be known.

5. They enjoy being alone

If the relationships takes a turn for the worst, be ready for war.  They won’t stick around long enough to fight with you. They will pack their bags and be out the door before you know it. They would rather be alone than in an unhappy relationship where they are giving more than they receive. When it comes to dating, they are in it for the long haul, or they simply won’t waste their time playing games. When they commit, they go all in.

6.  They are picky

A Cancer is extremely picky with who they choose to spend their time with and give themselves to romantically. The slightest thing can turn them off completely, and cause them to shut you out for good. They are looking for something specific, whatever that may be – and they won’t settle for anything else but just that. When they are in love, they love their partners flaws and embrace them, but otherwise they are extremely picky, to a fault.

7. They are passionate

They bring passion with them everywhere they go in life. They will pour their hearts and soul into their wildest dreams. And in order to remain a part of their life, you have to believe in those dreams, too. Passion is one word to describe the livelihood of a Cancer’s soul. Passion is what they thrive off of. They believe that passion is everything in life, and they live passionately and authentically regardless what it looks like to others.

8. They are full of life and free spirited, yet shy and timid

This can be conflicting in many ways. They sometimes doubt themselves, forcing them to retreat into a shell where they feel safe again. They need a partner to push them out of their comfort zone and inspire them to believe in themselves. They want to put themselves out there, but their shy and quiet side won’t allow them to. Once you break a Cancer free from their shell, they will be the life of the party.

9. They care deeply

They are naturally a nurturing and caring breed. They will care for you until the very end, and they let that be known. They want their partner to know how much they deeply care for them, and only them. They expect you to do the same in return. They enjoy being needed, and taking care of other physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. They will never turn their back on you in time of need, no matter what.

10. They are old souls

A Cancer will always enjoy the little moments in life that most people tend to look past. They are sentimental, traditional, and cherish the little things. Cancers value their “roots” and take great pleasure in the comforts of family, tradition and home.

11. They are loners at heart

Cancer desperately needs time to be alone at times, and they get cranky if they don’t get it. They are introverted and quiet, and alone time is necessary for them to function properly. They cannot stand feeling trapped or suffocated in  a relationship.

12. They like to talk, a lot.

They are all about healthy communication in a relationship. They want to talk through problems, rather than argue over them. They are patient and understanding in every way possible. They cannot stand when their partner is closed off, or shuts the barrier for communication between them. They need someone who is willing to express how they are feeling through words, and often.

13. They are protective

A Cancer won’t tolerate anyone messing with the ones they love. They are extremely territorial and will stick up for you until the very end. They always have their partners best interest in mind, and they’ll be there for you when you need it the most. They are dependable, reliable, and will be there no matter the circumstances. They expect that you do the same in return, as their love is not a one way street by any means.

14. They crave intimacy.

Cancers can be overly flirtatious and promiscuous at times, but they long for an intimate, deep connection. Sex has to be emotionally satisfying to keep them engaged. They make love with their emotions. Casual sex isn’t something most Cancers go looking for. They like to get to know someone and feel comfortable and safe with them before getting into bed. They aren’t looking for a one night stand.

15. They are sensitive.

Cancer can be all sorts of sentimental. The smallest thing can trigger an emotional reactions from a Cancer. They are easily hurt and they aren’t afraid to show their vulnerable side to the world. You may have to watch your words around them, to avoid hitting a nerve.