9 Things To Know About The Girl With A Gypsy Soul

1. She embraces chaos.
The chaos and madness is something she can relate with in her life. She finds beauty in chaos. She knows very well that life can be messy. She’s learned to love her life through the messier parts.
2. She sees the good in everything.
In a world filled with hate and negativity, she is always on the hunt for a tiny miracle. She knows that love will always win over hate. She knows that there is good in even the most destructive situations, as long as you look for it.
3. She rarely feels settled.
She has no roots. She rarely feels settled in one place. Home isn’t a physical place for her. Home is a feeling. She can make any place her home.
4. She is adventurous.
She always has her bags packed and ready to go. She is constantly searching for her next big adventure. She prefers to have memories over money, and experiences over material objects. She longs for a life filled with new places, people, and experiences to fill her need to explore.
5. She is emotional.
She is sensitive and feels things deeply. She isn’t afraid to be vulnerable in front of the rest of the world. She knows that having feelings only makes her human, and humanity is a beautiful thing.
6. She is a living paradox.
She is a living paradox; often struggling to find healthy balance. She’s never known herself to be lukewarm. She lives in a grey area, because she cannot conform to one thing indefinitely. She appears as being detached and aloof, yet immersed and consumed. She is unpredictable and nearly impossible to figure out.
7. She’s a free spirit.
She is truly a free spirit to her core. She knows very well that living life by the rules is no fun, so instead, she writes her own set of rules. She abides by her own set of unwritten rules without worrying what other people think about it. She lives and thinks freely, on her own terms, without conforming to what society says.
8. She is a loner at heart.
She enjoys spending time alone, and that is because she’s found peace in being on her own. She is an independent soul, and can enjoy her own company no matter where she is or what she is doing. She’s her own best friend.
9. She knows herself.
She knows herself inside and out. She’s built a home within herself, and she will never let anyone or anything take that away from her. She knows who she is, because she  has fought long and hard to become that person.
10. She loves unconditionally.
The girl with a gyspy soul loves deeply and unconditionally. She is quick to forgive and put her trust back into those who have done her wrong. She tries her very best to always see the good in everyone, making it difficult for her to let go of relationships with toxic people in her life.