An Insider’s Guide to the Presidentials of New Hampshire

The Presidential Range is a mountain range located in the White Mountain National Forest in the state of New Hampshire. The summits within the range are named after American presidents of the 18th and 19th century. 

Mount Webster — after Daniel Webster 

Mount Jackson* — after Charles Thomas Jackson

Mount Pierce* — after Franklin Pierce

Mount Eisenhower* — after Dwight Eisenhower

Mount Franklin — after Benjamin Franklin

Mount Monroe* — after James Monroe

Mount Washington* — after George Washington

Mount Clay — after Henry Clay

Mount Jefferson* — after Thomas Jefferson

Mount Sam Adams — after Samuel Adams

Mount Adams* — after John Adams

Mount Quincy Adams — after John Quincy Adams

Mount Madison* — after James Madison 

*The summits marked with an asterisk are included on the list of 4,000-footer peaks in New Hampshire while the others are excluded due to lack of height and other technical reasons.