How To: Campfire Skillet S’mores

Do you love s’mores by the campfire? If that’s a yes, then you’ll absolutely LOVE this easy campfire skillet s’more dip recipe. How can you go wrong with s’mores? You can’t.
Here is an easy step-by-step recipe for Campfire Skillet S’mores:

Step #1.

What You’ll Need:

⋅ Marshmallows

⋅ Graham crackers

⋅ Chocolate bars

⋅ Skillet

⋅ Grilling grate

⋅ Firewood

⋅ Lighter/matches

⋅ Tinfoil

Step #2.

Layer the bottom of your skillet with the broken pieces of chocolate (preferably milk chocolate) making sure to cover the entire bottom of the skillet. You can coat the bottom of your skillet with cooking spray, such as Pam or olive oil so  that the contents don’t stick to the bottom of the pan when its cooking.

Step #3.

Once you’ve covered the bottom of the skillet with chocolate, add your marshmallows (preferably the mini kind) ontop of the chocolate, completely covering the bottom layer so that you can’t see any of the chocolate underneath. 

TIP: If you choose to use regular or larger sized marshmallows, avoid piling them too high in the skillet or they won’t cook quickly enough without burning the bottom layers.

Step #4.

Before placing the skillet over the fire, cover the top of the skillet with a layer of tinfoil, making sure to cover the entire skillet completely by securing the edges around the pan.

Step #5.

Carefully place the skillet on a grilling grate over your campfire, making sure that you don’t burn yourself or drop contents into the fire itself. Let the skillet sit over your campfire (be sure not to place the skillet directly over the flames, but near them instead)

Leave skillet over the fire for roughly 7-10 minutes or until the marshmallows start to turn a light-golden brown color, without burning them.

Step #6.

Prepare the graham crackers by breaking each one of the crackers into fourths – in other words, break each piece twice to form a rectangular shape.

Step #7.

Carefully remove the skillet and place on a hot plate or kitchen towel. 

Serve immediately after removing the skillet. Use the graham cracker pieces to dip. Be sure to dig in right away so that the chocolate on the very bottom doesn’t harden – you’re welcome.


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