1. Seamless (iOs / Android)

Seamless is a part of Grubhub Inc., and is probably the most efficient and simple food delivery app on the market right now. It provides thousands of menus from restaurants and also offers exclusive in-app discounts. Only downfall of this app is the hefty delivery charge that is automatically added to your order. Seamless is available in over 600 cities in the US for over 20 years.
2. Grubhub (iOs / Android)

On the Grubhub app, you simply enter the details of your location, and Grubhub will feature every single one of the restaurants in your current area. You can search by a specific cuisine or by a menu item to make the ordering process much quicker. The app also allows you to save delivery locations, another way to help speed up the process. Grubhub is available in more than 900 cities.
3. Postmates (iOs / Android)

Postmates is much different than the other food delivery apps. For example, you can get much more than just food for delivery on this app. Postmates will pick up just about anything you need and deliver it straight to your front door, no questions asked (even booze). The only slight downfall is that Postmates doesn’t partner with any chain restaurants, limiting its proximity for users.
4. UberEats (iOs / Android)
The UberEats app is an independent food delivery app that is available in many cities. Although UberEatsbad Uber are totally two septette apps, they share many of the same features, including estimated delivery times and castles transactions. UberEats is available in 500+ cities, and automatically charges your order a service fee of 15%.
5. Doordash (iOs / Android)
DoorDash isn’t as well known as other delivery apps such as Seamless or Grubhub, but it does offer a few features that these apps do not. The “DoorDash Delight” scoring system, factoring your areas restaurant popularity, delivery time, and customer satisfaction to recommend that you are offered the best of the best in your area. DoorDash is available in 800+ cities in the U.S. and Canada.
6. Eat 24 (iOs / Android)
Eat 24 offers quick and easy access to thousands of local restaurants and favorites delivered straight to your door. They are now powered by GrubHub, making them an even better option to go to when ordering delivery or takeout food.

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