1. The fixer.
The fixer has all the good intentions in the world. They want to save you. They want to pick up all of your broken pieces and place them back together where they belong. This person is one of the most important of the five, and may even become a lifelong friend after its all said and done. The fixer appears to be radically assertive – obsessive even at times. They enter your life when its at its very lowest low, when you are the worst version of yourself. They try, and they try some more. They try until they cannot try any harder. They try to be the hero in this story, but that’s the thing about the Fixer. They cannot fix you, only you can fix yourself.
2. The listener.
The listener will enter your life abruptly and silently all at once. They do the one thing that nobody else has dared to do. They offer themselves to listen. And that’s exactly what they intend to do. To listen, and to be there. The Listener won’t stick around for long, but they are there for comfort during those darker moments that you feel the rest of the world has shut you out. They will be there to hear you out. That’s the beauty of the listener, they listen, and they understand.
3. The manipulator.
The manipulative is someone you will meet while healing, but they will not remain in your life for very long. They appear to be exceptionally charming, flashy – even glamourous. They seem like they have it all figured out, all the right answers. You will soon find out their true colors, and fall victim to their manipulative ways. They take advantage of what’s broken, fragile, and weak. They will manipulate, twist, and contort every single last thing they possibly can. If the manipulative stays in your life for too long, they will only hinder your healing process.
4. The reducer.
The reducer will do everything in their power to belittle and diminish you and your feelings. They see your feelings as invalid and over the top. They lack sympathy, compassion, and understanding – which are qualities you resonate most with. They undermine your grief and turn it into a joke, and jokes on you. The reducer will make you feel as if your feelings are not important. That you are overly emotional, and too intense for your own good. Having the reducer stick around for too long will make you feel indignant and question everything you thought you once knew. This is your journey to heal, nobody else’s.
5. The savior.
The savior is not to be confused with the fixer, though they both play a role in your overall healing process. The savior is the person who makes life tolerable again. They make things seem OK again. Things that you once thought would never get better. They will be the one who lifts your spirits, shows you the way, and reminds you that everything is going to be okay. The savior is arguably the most important of the five people you will meet when you’re trying to heal. They help pick you up, dust you off, and remind you how strong you can be. They are not there to walk in your shoes, but to walk beside you down the road to healing.

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