The Most Compatible Myer Briggs Types In A Relationship


An ISTP likes to live in the moment while ESTJs are methodical and prefers stickin    g to a set plan. This duo may seem odd at first, but they share many tendencies and values that make them a highly compatible pair. Both types have the same straightforward communication skills and make logical decisions. This allow them to better understand each other and avoid minor misunderstandings that could lead to bigger issues down the road. They are able to remain direct with the other without worrying about offending each other. Their differences only make them a matchless duo. The extroverted side of an ESTJ is balanced out by the introverted ISTP.


An INTP and INTJ make for an ideal match due to the two core values they share: honesty and independence. Both an INTP and INTJ enjoy spending time alone, and are fully understanding when the other person needs their space. They are able to seek solitude  disengage without the risk of someones feelings getting hurt. INTJ, otherwise known as “the perfectionist” who values rules, structure, and  and routine works best with a partner who can balance out their introversion or simply accept it – and INTP embodies that role wholeheartedly.


An INFP and ENFJ paring illustrates the importance of finding balance. ENFJs know how to break an INFP out of their shell so that they can get a deeper look at themselves, which is exactly what an INFP desperately needs. They are both intuitive feelers and sense each others wants and needs at all times. They are able to satisfy each others deeply and embody the perfect harmonious balance.


What makes an ENTJ and INTP bond so special is their mutual passion for learning. This allows the duo to engage in a stimulating and meaningful relationship.  Both personality types are analytical and approach conflict in a similar way. They are able to work through their problems head-on as a result of their shared straight-forward way of thinking and decision making process. Both signs are able to work together to make important decisions for their future with ease and plenty of excitement.


At first glance an INFJ and ENFP may not seem like a match made in heaven, but that’s far from the truth. These two types have several differences with one another, but the few traits they do share in common are what makes the duo work so well together. For an INFJ, having an extroverted partner who exhibits a friendly and outgoing personality may encourage the shy INFJ to step out of their comfort zone every once in awhile. For an ENFP, having an introverted partner presents the challenge of learning to express emotions and connect on a deeper level. This relationship challenges both partners in an overall positive way.

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